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Our Fundraise Up certified partners are trusted agencies, consultants and technology platforms that work closely alongside our team to provide you with the best possible experience utilizing the Fundraise Up platform.

Agencies & Consultants
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Why Choose a Fundraise Up Certified Partner?

A Fundraise Up certified partner has been vetted and approved to meet the highest standards of customer service. They will bring years of nonprofit experience and specialized skill sets to guide you along your Fundraise Up journey, while offering their guidance in other ways that your organization may find useful.

Why become a Fundraise Up Certified Partner?

Deliver higher ROI to your clients and customers with no risk
Tap into an ecosystem of forward-thinking nonprofits
Leverage our Crossbeam platform to identify potential customers using Fundraise Up already
Get a dashboard with full transparency into your partner account performance
Have Fundraise Up participate in your webinars, and vice versa.
Much more

The Fundraise Up Partner Program is an opportunity to be a part of an esteemed group of like-minded businesses engaged in building lasting relationships with the nonprofits we serve. Together we can leverage our specialized skill sets and expertise to better serve nonprofits, supporting the wonderful work they do.
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