Change the status of your Campaign, and find out what will be affected.

These settings are used to disable or clone campaigns.

  • Disable campaign: Disabling a Campaign will prevent donors from accessing it. Once a Campaign has been disabled, it appears in the Archive section of the Campaigns view.

    Here is how disabling a Campaign impacts other platform features:

    Checkout Donors will no longer be able to access the Campaign’s Checkout, and the Checkout will no longer display on your website.
    Dashboard The Campaign will still be reported on within the Insights view and will continue to appear in reports and view filters.
    Elements Elements components connected to the Campaign will continue to display, but will default to the settings defined by the Disabled campaign behavior configured in the Dashboard Settings.
    Emails Emails for recurring donations or actions that donors need to take will continue to send.
    Recurring Plans Any recurring plans connected to the Campaign will continue to process installments.
  • Clone campaign: Cloning a Campaign creates a duplicate version in the Campaigns view. All settings and customizations are replicated except for the campaign’s status (all clone campaigns are automatically created as ‘active’), and its scheduled end date.
  • Archive campaign: If you previously disabled a Campaign and didn’t choose to archive it, you’ll still be able to archive it from this page.