Donor impact

Encourage other donors by showing a live donation feed.

The Donor Impact option allows you to include a social proof-style list of donations recently made to your Campaign, which constantly updates. This feature functions in a very similar way to the Recent Donations element, showing a list of donations just made to this campaign along with some optional details about the donor. Donors will be able to see their donation in the feed around 30 seconds after donating.

Check the “Show other donors’ impact” box to display this on your Campaign Page.

This component will only appear on your Page if the associated Campaign has received at least 4 non-anonymous donations.

Displaying donor information

Choose how your donors’ names should be displayed: full name, first name with last name initial, first name only or no name at all.

You must show at least one of the four details about the donation in the checkboxes below, but can enable any combination of the four.

Currency display options

Choose which currency donation amounts should be displayed in in the Donor Impact feed.

  • Actual currency — select this option to show all donations in the actual currency the original donation was made in.
  • Detected currency — if you select this option, the site visitor viewing the Recent Donations list on your page will see all donations in the currency that’s local to them.
  • Specified currency — if you select this option, you can then choose a specific currency (e.g. USD) that all donations in the list will be shown in.
Crypto and stock donations will always be displayed in your organization’s default currency.