Gather the information you need from donors before and after conversion.

Decide what information you want to gather from donors. All the information you opt to show will appear along with compulsory fields for the donor's first name, last name and email address. This screen is shown before the donor makes their donation — we recommend keeping required fields to a minimum so that conversion isn't affected.

Ask for title (UK, France, Germany, Austria and French Canadian only)

Organizations in the UK, France, Germany, Austria or Canada (in the latter case, provided the organization's language is set to French) can choose to ask their donors for a title (e.g. Mr, Ms, Herr, Frau etc.).

Ask for mailing address

Enable this checkbox to collect a donor's mailing address. You can also set a minimum donation amount to ask for an address, and make this field required.

Some European countries require that you collect mailing addresses for donors. In these cases, Fundraise Up may automatically require the address, regardless of your settings.

Ask for phone number

Enable this option to allow donors to provide a phone number before checkout. We recommend leaving this optional, as requiring a phone number may cause conversion to drop. You can also set a minimum donation amount to ask for a phone number.

Allow to donate anonymously

This gives your donors the option to remain anonymous, if they choose. While the donor information will still be visible to your organization in the dashboard, it will not be used publicly (e.g., in publications, reports, or infographics).

Allow donations on behalf of organizations

Enable this checkbox to give supporters the option to provide the name of an organization, such as a business, club, or association, that should receive credit for the donation.


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