Gift Aid (UK only)

Encourage UK supporters to Gift Aid their donation (for UK organizations only).

Gift Aid is a UK tax incentive program that allows UK charities to claim an extra 25% from the UK government on eligible donations made by UK taxpayers, at no additional cost to the supporter. As such, this option is available in the Campaign settings only for UK-based organizations.

Enabling Gift Aid

If your organization is based in the UK, you have the option to enable Gift Aid for supporters donating from the UK. Gift Aid does not apply to stock or cryptocurrency donations, so this screen will only be shown to supporters making a money-based donation.


The text on the upper half of the screen is pre-set. A default legal text is provided, which can be edited as needed. It can also be localized and edited in each of your enabled languages in the Localization settings tab.

Placement in the donation flow

The Gift Aid screen's position in the flow depends on your other campaign settings:

  • If filling out a mailing address is set as required in the Supporter settings, the mailing address screen is displayed before Gift Aid.
  • If filling out the mailing address is set as required and Company Matching is also enabled and integrated with 360MatchPro, the supporter will see the mailing address screen, then the Double your impact screen for company matching, then the Gift Aid screen.
  • If the user agrees to Gift Aid, filling out the mailing address becomes mandatory as this is needed to process a Gift Aid claim. Even if you haven't enabled the Ask for mailing address checkbox in the Supporter settings, the supporter will still be asked for their mailing address after the Gift Aid screen.

Integrations and exports

You can map the values Gift aid claimed and Gift aid legal text to your integrated platforms. The same two values are available as fields for export.

Are transaction costs eligible for Gift Aid?

Yes. The supporter’s entire contribution, transaction costs included, is eligible for Gift Aid.

The Fundraise Up platform fees your organization pays on each donation are also eligible for Gift Aid. Learn more →


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