Payment methods

Choose which payment methods you'll accept in this Checkout.

Choose which payment methods you want to accept for this campaign. There are three overarching options that can be set at the Campaign level: money-based (this includes card payments, e-wallet payments and bank debits and transfers), stock and cryptocurrency. You can configure your organization's payment methods in more detail in your main settings. When making a donation in the Checkout, donors will see all the payments you've enabled that are available to them on their device and in their region.

Set a default payment method

Choose one default payment method: this is what the donor will be presented with when they open your Checkout. You can enable additional payment methods using the two checkboxes below. Any additional payment methods you enable will be displayed to donors as options at the bottom of the Checkout modal.

Settings for non-cash Checkouts

Note that selecting crypto and stock as the default payment method may affect some other Checkout functionalities, such as the 'Donate anonymously' feature. Settings for features such as Company Matching, cost covering, suggested amounts and, naturally, donation currency will not apply to stock or crypto donations.

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