Choose what content you want to display on your Campaign Page.

While the right side of every Campaign Page features our uniquely effective donation Checkout, the left side is made up of customizable text, images and links.


  • Logo: this will be found in the top-left corner of the Campaign Page.
  • Main image: this is the main hero image that features on your Campaign Page. This must be a static image — GIFs and videos can’t be used.


  • Heading: choose a short headline text for your Page that expresses your Campaign's main message.
  • Message: write a few lines telling donors why they should donate to you and how their donation will help. You can format the text with bold and italic styles, as well as insert links from the text. There is no limit on this text, and very long texts will simply extend further down the left-hand side of the Campaign Page.


You have the option to add up to three custom links. These can direct to webpages, mailto links for emailing your organization, or click-to-call links for contacting your organization by phone. They will appear as underlined, clickable text below the Campaign Page's message text.

You can also enable and disable various social media links, which will appear at the top of the Page. As best practice, we recommend leaving all social media options checked if possible.


You can add various localized versions of your heading, message and custom links in the Campaign's Localization settings.