Find out more about how to use Questions in your Campaigns.

Enable questions in the settings of any campaign to gather additional information from your supporters after they've donated.

Adding questions to your Checkout form

In your campaign's settings, open the Questions tab and check the Enable questions box. You can add questions either by choosing from existing questions or by creating new ones. Use the six-dot symbol to the left of each question to re-arrange the order, and the three dots on the right to remove a question.

Creating new questions

To create a new question, enter the question you want to ask and click the Create new question drop-down and a modal will open.

Question code

Choose a code for your question. This is what the question will be labeled as when you export the answer values, or if you search for it in the mapping rules for any integrated services. Use the Make a response required option to make any question compulsory. You can also review your questions and create more in your main organization settings. Learn more →

Question type

Choose what type of answer input the question should have.

Text line: a single-line text input field, best for collecting simple responses.

Text box: a multi-line text input field, best for collecting longer responses

Choose one option (also known as “radio” or “multiple choice”): displays all the pre-set responses, of which the supporter chooses one. This question type is best used for collecting simple, predefined responses.

Dropdown menu: also allows the supporter to select one out of multiple pre-set answers, but in a dropdown menu. This option is useful for collecting a single response from a list of many predefined options.

Multiple checkboxes: allows supporters to select multiple answers out of your predefined list. This question type is useful for collecting preference data from supporters.

Single checkboxes: shows one single checkbox that is either checked or unchecked. Use this question type to collect a simple, boolean-style response. This question type includes a setting to have the checkbox pre-checked by default.

The questions screen

If you enable questions for your campaign, these will be shown to the supporter in the Checkout modal or on the Campaign Page on the Questions screen after they have donated. This approach ensures that there is no loss in conversion when you enable questions for your campaign. This also means that the donation has already been processed and the supporter’s required personal information (first name, last name, email address) has already been recorded.

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