Get to know Checkout’s P2P settings.

When you engage donors with P2P fundraising, there are some options that you should configure at the campaign level. These settings are managed from Campaigns > [Example campaign] > P2P.

P2P settings

Below are the campaign settings that you can configure for P2P fundraising.

Settings that impact the P2P onboarding screen

  • Donor destination URL: Defining this URL determines where the P2P onboarding screen will load when it is launched from a P2P Button or P2P Link Elements component. By default, the URL configured in the account settings area of the Dashboard is used.
  • Default goal date: This setting determines the goal date preset that is used for the Goal date property shown on the P2P onboarding screen. You can select three possible values:
    • 2 weeks out
    • 1 month out
    • 3 months out

    The date picker for the Goal date property shown on the P2P onboarding screen will then show a date relative to the setting you configured.

  • Custom goal date: This allows you to set a more specific default end date for P2P campaigns. For example: you could set all P2P fundraisers associated with your Christmas campaign to have a default goal date of 25th December. If a P2P fundraiser is created when this default date has already passed, the default goal date will be set to two weeks from the day the fundraiser is created.
When the goal date is reached, the P2P fundraiser remains active and can continue to receive donations.
  • Default personal message: When a supporter creates a P2P fundraiser, they are prompted to include a short description of why they are fundraising. Using the Default personal message property, you can include a preset value, up to 120 characters in length. Supporters can then use the message you created, or customize it.

Settings that impact Donor Portal

  • Goal reached image: When a P2P fundraiser goal is reached, the image configured by this setting will display on the fundraiser’s dashboard page in Donor Portal.
    • Minimum resolution: 930 x 290 px
    • Recommended resolution: 1,860 x 580 px
  • Goal reached title: When a P2P fundraiser goal is reached, this title is displayed below the goal reached image.
  • Goal reached text: When a P2P fundraiser goal is reach, this text is displayed below the goal reached title. This text area supports some rich text styles such as bold, italics, and links.

You can view your P2P Donor Portal customization by selecting the Show preview button.

Further configuration

P2P fundraisers are configured in several areas of Fundraise Up. Review settings in these areas before inviting supporters to create fundraisers.


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