Fundraise Up provides 3 data-based elements that help potential donors to visualize the impact they can have with their donation. For information on how to configure settings for your Elements or add these Elements to your site, please refer to the Elements overview page.

Goal Meter

The Goal Meter is an animated progress bar that shows the funds raised so far for one or more Campaigns, in comparison to the set goal. The component includes a count-up animation for the amount raised value and automatically updates the amount raised every minute. The Add input lets you manually add donations that came from elsewhere.

Unlike other components like the Impact Slider or Message Bar, Goal Meter does not include a button or link that takes visitors to Checkout.

Stat Counter

This Element shows an animated tally of the total impact your campaign has had so far. It can showcase your total amount raised, your number of supporters or another value. An ‘Add’ button lets you manually add additional donations/supporters etc. to your Stat Counter’s total as needed.

Donor Map

The Donor Map is an interactive map that displays the general location of where donors are giving from. Your site visitors can click on a number on the map to see more details of donations made in that area. In the Map tab, you can configure what exact geographical area you want to show in this component.