Fundraise Up’s form-based elements help create a shortcut to the donation process, and allow you to customize the Checkout experience. For information on how to configure settings for your Elements or add these Elements to your site, please refer to the Elements overview page.

Donation Form

The Donation Form is useful when you want to embed your Checkout form within a webpage layout. This can be particularly effective with landing pages that receive traffic from sources like social media, search engines, and ad campaigns.

Simple Form

A simplified one-line version of the Donation Form, the Simple Form shows just an input for a donation amount and a single customizable Donate button. This button takes the donor to the associated campaign’s checkout.

Impact slider

The Impact Slider is an interactive component that visually connects donation amounts to their impact, helping donors understand how their money can help your organization. You can offer up to six customizable values. Donors can slide between the different options and choose their donation amount. The Allow donors to change their selected amount checkbox allows a donor to edit the amounts they see, and choose their own donation amount.

Donation Levels

This Element allows you to offer various donation amounts, each with a customizable text, in one cluster. You can use this Element to create different types of supporter (for example: Gold, Silver and Bronze supporters) with different donation amounts attached. Use the Accent dropdown options to choose whether the amount or the level should be visually emphasized.