Fundraise Up provides 3 link-based elements that are easy to integrate anywhere, and help your supporters to navigate to Checkout. For information on how to configure settings for your Elements or add these Elements to your site, please refer to the Elements overview page.

In all three of these Elements, you can use the URL input to specify which URL the Checkout or P2P form will open on if the visitor clicks the link.

Donate Link

The Donate Link lets you create trackable links to your chosen Checkout that can be used on your website, in social media posts, and even in places where the Fundraise Up installation code is not present. This makes it especially useful for creating referral links that can be shared with donors.

QR Code

This Element lets you create a scannable QR code that takes users to your chosen campaign’s Checkout. You can customize the QR code with an image at the center.

P2P Link

The P2P Link is a flexible component that can be implemented on your website, in emails, or across other channels to provide visitors with an easy way to start a P2P fundraiser. When the user clicks on this link, the P2P onboarding screen is launched. You can check the Allow to join teams box to also give visitors the option to join an existing P2P Fundraiser when they click this link.