Fundraise Up has 4 list-based elements that help to create effective and engaging fundraising campaigns. For information on how to configure settings for your Elements or add these Elements to your site, please refer to the Elements overview page.

Currency display options

All four of these elements have a Show currency dropdown menu, where you can choose what currency donations should be displayed in:

  • Set currency — if you select this option, you can then choose a specific currency (e.g. USD) that all donations in the Element will be shown in.
  • Detected currency — if you select this option, the site visitor viewing your list Element will see all donations in the currency that’s local to them (in the same way we detect currencies at Checkout).
  • Actual currency — select this option to show all donations in the actual currency the original donation was made in.

Top Supporters

This Element allows you to show a list of your campaign’s top supporters in your chosen date range, ranked by how much they’ve personally donated. You can choose how much information should be shown about your donors.

Top Locations

The Top Locations Element displays geographical donation rankings with three ranking options: Top Countries, Top Regions (available for the USA, Canada and Australia), and Top Cities (across all countries, or for a selected country).

Recent Donations

This Element shows donations to the attached campaign as they are made. Donors will be able to see their donation in the feed around 30 seconds after donating. As with the other list Elements, you can choose exactly how much information should be shown about each donor.

Top Fundraisers

Use the Top Fundraisers component to celebrate the successes of your P2P supporters. You can display a list of up to 10 top-performing individuals who are admins of P2P Fundraisers. You can choose exactly how each fundraiser’s name should appear in the list. This Element also has an optional search box, so users can search for themselves or a specific individual in the list.