Fundraise Up provides 4 interactive overlay elements that help to drive conversion. These no-code elements are especially easy to integrate into your website. For information on how to configure settings for your Elements or add these Elements to your site, please refer to the Elements overview page.

URL configurations

These four Elements also have a Visibility tab in their settings, where you can decide where the Element should be shown or not shown. Use the following table as a guide to adding these configurations:

Behavior Example Description
Target the root directory https://mycharity.org/ The Element will appear (or be hidden) on the main page of the website.
Target all subdirectories https://mycharity.org/* The Element will appear (or be hidden) on all pages within the website.
Target a specific directory https://mycharity.org/about/ The Element will appear (or be hidden) only on this specific page within the website.
The URL configurations described above can be combined to create more granular rules. For example, you can show/hide an overlay Element for all pages within a particular subdirectory using this rule: https://mycharity.org/about/*

When adding URL configurations, always provide the full URL you are targeting, including https://, and include the trailing slash at the end of the URL, even if you are targeting a page hosted in the root directory of your website.


Aimed at reducing abandonment, this Element lets you show a reminder popup to a donor who’s about to exit your Checkout without making a donation, or who is returning to your site, having previously not completed their donation and not closed the first Reminder they were shown.

To see a demo of the Reminder, create a test Element in the Dashboard.

Message Bar

Enable this Element to show a message across the entire width of your site, either at the top or the bottom of the page. You can include a heading, body text and a CTA button to take site visitors to Checkout. You can opt to show this Element on mobile devices, desktop, or both.

To see a demo of the Message Bar, create a test Element in the Dashboard.

Social Proof

This Element shows site visitors’ incoming donations to your campaign in near-real-time, encouraging potential donors to join in with their own donation. You can choose how much information is shown about your donors (first name, last name, initials, etc.). Next to each completed donation, there is a Donate button that takes visitors to the checkout.


This popup contains a title, main text, image and CTA Donate button. You can choose exactly when it appears on your site: display it when a page is loading, a few seconds after a page loads, when the site visitor has scrolled a certain percentage of your site, when your visitor becomes inactive, or when your visitor intends to exit the site. You can also choose a combination of all these scenarios: our AI will choose the optimal moment to show the popup to achieve a conversion, and will ensure donors are never ‘overloaded’.

To see a demo of the Popup, create a test Element in the Dashboard.


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