Configure settings for P2P fundraisers linked to this Campaign.

This tab offers campaign-level settings for two general aspects of P2P fundraisers.

Supporter destination URL

This URL determines where the P2P onboarding screen will load when it is launched from a P2P Button or P2P Link Elements component. By default, the URL configured in the account settings area of the Dashboard is used.

Default personal message

When a supporter creates a P2P fundraiser, they are prompted to include a short description giving details of why they are fundraising. Using the Default personal message property, you can include a preset value, up to 120 characters in length. Supporters can then use the default message you created, or customize it for their fundraiser.

Further configuration

P2P fundraisers are configured in several areas of Fundraise Up. Review settings in these areas too before inviting supporters to create fundraisers.


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