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May 4, 2023
Nelly Dudukalova
Product Marketing Manager

Dashboard power users rejoice! We shipped an update to the Campaigns tab in the Fundraise Up Dashboard that makes it easier than ever to quickly check the performance and settings of your fundraising campaigns.

The update introduces Campaign Overview, a new page that you’ll see first when opening a campaign. The page includes two key sections: a header that displays the campaign’s key fundraising statistics, and a section for reviewing the campaign’s settings.

Get a snapshot of each campaign’s fundraising performance

At the top of the new Campaign Overview page, you’ll see a header section with key fundraising statistics that include:

Each of the statistics can be selected to see filtered views of records on the Insights, Donations, or Recurring tabs in the Dashboard. This makes it easy to drill down into your fundraising data and see the payment methods, devices, marketing campaigns, and Elements driving donor support.

See campaign settings at a glance

The new Campaign Overview page includes a summary of your campaign’s settings. You’ll now be able to see which campaign features you’ve enabled and how you’ve configured them.

In some cases, we’ll show you a prompt to enabled a feature if its known to increase conversion and raise revenue.

Each of the settings shown in the summary can be selected to navigate you directly to the setting’s configuration view. This makes it easier to make changes on the fly.

One more thing…

The new Campaign Overview page isn’t just for making your life easier, it’s an update we’re making to support the launch of one of our biggest feature releases: Campaign Pages.

With Campaign Pages, you’ll soon be able to create and launch conversion-optimized donation landing pages directly from Fundraise Up!

Whether you need endpoints for your digital ads, segment-tailored landings for campaigns, or just a new way to engage donors on your website, Campaign Pages gives you the same innovative features that power Checkout, but with an exciting new level of flexibility and customization.

More about Campaign Pages, soon.

Watch the pre-launch webinar

If you want to see Campaign Overview in action, watch for the customer-only Get to know Campaign Overview webinar on demand.

Webinar on demand: Get to know Campaign Overview (customer-only)

About Fundraise Up

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