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increase in online giving revenue compared to the previous period
increase in donors giving in international currencies
existing donors switching to give in their home currency

Testimonials & Results

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We’re confident that we’ve found a great partner in Fundraise Up and a responsive team with whom we can build a long-term partnership.
Tobes Kelly
VP, Head of Digital
The support of the Fundraise Up team was really essential to us. There was also an ease of flexibility in the setup that allowed us to adjust things more rapidly than we ever have been able to do before.
Robyn Bucknam
Vice President, Digital
We've seen less abandoned checkout, increased monthly donations, increased mobile donations, and increased coverage of transaction fees.
Sandra Fasules
Director, Digital Engagement and Response
Since implementing Fundraise Up, we are seeing 3x more monthly donors each day – and most of that is just by using the built in features that Fundraise Up provides.
Joshua McLemore
Director of Direct Response & P2P Fundraising
Children & Youth
It was a good win for our donors — they can donate in three clicks. We're seeing 3x the amount of recurring donors, increased donation amounts, and 50% higher email conversion rates. Wins across the board.
Rupert Schutz
Director, Digital Performance
Environment and Nature
I don’t know what we would do without Fundraise Up. They go out of their way to help us make the donor experience as efficient as possible. It’s completely seamless. By far the best customer service I have ever worked with.
Michelle Husko
Director of Donor Services
Animal Welfare
I can sing Fundraise Up’s praises all day long. They’re probably one of the best platforms and services I’ve ever used.
Thivanka De Silva
Head of Digital Marketing and Web Strategy
Environment and Nature
All other platforms use the same donation experience... Fundraise Up offered a new take on the giving experience that was more flexible from an admin perspective and donor experience.
Matthew Bennell
IT & Digital Strategist
Children & Youth
Fundraise Up feels like software built by fundraising pros. It addresses very specific things in a really elegant way.
Jason Shim
Director, Digital Strategy
Our monthly giving has grown almost exponentially.
Brandon Gossett
Director of Development
Fundraise Up gives our donors a better experience — and that brings us new donors and new revenue. It’s so easy for donors to choose a monthly donation.
Leticia Martinez Hermosillo
Marketing & Development Manager
Medicine, Research & Science
Fundraise Up offers us great new tools. We love it!
Marilyn Simon-Gersuk
Director, Communications & Development
Fundraise Up offers charities the advanced features available to major online retailers. It's great to finally see these sophisticated tools available to our industry!
Brian Juntti
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Animal Welfare
There are so many things we love about Fundraise Up, I love the customizable URLs, the ease of use, the data-driven suggested donation amounts, and the ability to customize.
Shannon McLaughlin-Kirkman
Director of Marketing
Children & Youth
We saw immediate benefits from applying Fundraise Up. It was a simple, smart and easy way to upgrade our donor experience.
Dwayne Flinchum
Director of Marketing and Communications
Animal Welfare
Their donation forms are very easy to set up and customize and look great. Their customer service is A+
Brian Riggio
Annual Giving Manager
Faith-Based & Religion
A donor experience unlike any other
Robert Tomko
Director of Finance
Faith-Based & Religion
Fundraise Up transformed our fundraising efforts. It has really added fresh fuel to our fundraising efforts
Dennis Valen
Animal Welfare
We love using Fundraise Up. The customer service is incredible! They are prompt, always willing to help, and want us to succeed.
Kelcy Kimmerer
Director of Partnerships
So easy. Problem after problem solved by Fundraise Up.
Michael Goodrum
Senior Consultant
Children & Youth
The customer service experience I had with Fundraise Up is THE game-changer. The technology is superb, but no other software company in the nonprofit game can come close to matching the level of support we've received from the Fundraise Up team.
Aaron Friedman
Executive Director


Fundraise Up customers have praised the platform for its ease of use, intuitive design, and growing feature set. Coupled with incredible guidance and assistance from our team of dedicated Success and Support engineers, Fundraise Up is highly rated and recognized as a best value solution.

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