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How Fundraise Up Helped the International Anti-Poaching Foundation Get Optimized and Grow Recurring Donors

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I can sing Fundraise Up’s praises all day long. They’re probably one of the best platforms and services I’ve ever used. I think we’re going to be around for a while.
Thivanka De Silva
Head of Digital Marketing and Web Strategy International Anti-Poaching Foundation
recurring donor retention rate
new recurring donors per month in the first half of 2021
conversion rate from header donate button
conversion rate from social proof element
of all donations matched via corporate matching

The Client

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation is a direct-action, community-led organization that fights poaching head-on.
African Continent
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The Challenge

Expanding donor growth with an enhanced,
secure donor experience
The International Anti-Poaching Foundation has been in operation since 2009 doing boots-on-theground work in rural Africa to combat poaching. Their multi-pronged approach not only empowers local communities to take action in conservation, but stimulates local economies and creates a space for gender equity. But when Thivanka De Silva came on board with IAPF, he noticed an inefficient website with a donation form that did not seem secure, and a marketing strategy that needed to grow beyond email campaigns that only targeted one-time donors. Within two weeks of his start date, a new documentary was to premiere with National Geographic that followed IAPF’s Akashinga program (Africa’s first armed, all-female, plant-based anti-poaching unit that not only supports local communities but is revolutionizing the way animals are protected). The publicity that would accompany the documentary made the creation of a new website a necessity. The International Anti-Poaching Foundation needed a top-of-the-line donation software that could not only enhance the donor experience and expand donor growth in the long-term, but could be implemented quickly.

What We Provided

A trustworthy donor experience
with enterprise-grade technology
Leverage AI, machine learning, and data science to enhance new donation opportunities, increase online revenue, and gain more recurring donors.
Provide an intuitive, frictionless interface for staff and donors alike.
Fast, efficient onboarding and dedicated, personal customer support.
International Anti-Poaching Foundation Needed a Better Solution That Could:
Improve and legitimize the online donor experience
Accept multiple international currencies and payment methods
Expand their donor base
Be implemented easily and quickly
A lot of charities are under-resourced, understaffed, and don’t have a lot of technical knowledge — like the time it takes to build a highly efficient web page. So when you are given a platform where you can just push a button — and it actually gets you revenue — that’s impactful. Our use of Social Proof got us an extra five grand and that took me like two minutes. I think literally two minutes. And that’s five grand. Like that.

The Solution

An intelligent, secure platform that makes giving easy and retains more donors
While fast-tracking the IAPF’s new leaner, cleaner website, Thivanka researched fundraising platforms that would be optimized for online giving and Fundraise Up seemed “leagues above everything else.” But it was the support he received that took his experience to the next level. With easy, fast implementation and technology powered by AI, machine learning, and data science, they were prepared for the increased exposure that came with the documentary Fundraise Up’s solution gave the International Anti-Poaching Foundation:
Simple, smart, enterprise-grade technology.
Passionate, hands-on support.
A streamlined donation flow that increases conversion and donor retention.
A mobile-friendly format that inspires action.
More digital wallets with more currencies.
With the help of the Fundraise Up Success Team, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation was able to launch a new website with an optimized donation platform in time for the documentary premiere.
I have probably used hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of software over the last decade, and it’s rare to see support like what your team has. You can have the Rolls-Royce of products, but if there’s no support, you just won’t get what you need out of it.

The Result

More donors and more revenue
just by switching platforms
The International Anti-Poaching Foundation’s switch to Fundraise Up saw immediate results. In fact, the donate button on the header of IAPF’s website alone saw a 41.6% increase in conversion. Even better, Social Proof — A Fundraise Up call-to-action Element which displays real-time notifications about recent donations — generated a 45.2% conversion rate. In addition, IAPF earned an average of 145 recurring donors per month in the first half of 2021, with March seeing this number grow to 274, and an all-time retention rate of 88.2%.
With this level of growth, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation was able to turn its attention to more unique fundraising opportunities. Recently, they launched the Own a Story campaign which offers supporters the chance to purchase unique items from their IAPF camps in order to fund their goal of training 1,000 female rangers. This not only offered donors the chance to connect on a deeper level with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, but raise awareness about the positive human impact of their work.
I think that was the key, that no matter what we do for the next couple of years, recurring donations needs to be the number one priority. Forgo the short-term wins of one-time donations and build for the long-term community, then nurture and grow that community. It’ll be slower, but in the end it’ll be worth it because you will have a base of people that are going to continue to support you. We appreciate all of that, and I think it’s working really well.
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