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How Fundraise Up helped ICF gain 8 times more monthly donors

Fundraise Up gives our donors a better experience — and that brings us new donors and new revenue. It’s so easy for givers to do a monthly donation.
Leticia Martinez Hermosillo
Marketing & Development Manager, International Community Foundation
increase in online
giving revenue
increase in monthly
15 hours
of admin time saved
each week
The Client
The International Community Foundation connects 150+ nonprofits across Mexico and Latin America with United States-based donors. ICF has raised more than $88 million since its 1990 inception.
San Diego, USA
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The Challenge
A frustrating online giving experience that sowed confusion.
As ICF’s Marketing and Development Manager, Leticia Martinez Hermosillo handles donor relations and fundraising campaigns. However, ICF’s online giving platform had serious challenges that created confusion among donors — and extra work for Lety.
The legacy technology was unstable, difficult to navigate, and not at all intuitive. Potential donors had to scroll through so many fields that they often gave up.
Meanwhile, ICF was paying $25,000 per million raised in credit card fees, not to mention the contracted cost of software licenses, for technology that didn’t meet their needs.
With our inefficient online giving platform, it was super difficult for the donor. And we were never able to track how donors came in, where they came from. It was very bad.
Lety felt trapped with their current giving platform. None of the solutions on the market had everything she needed. Many required IT skills that she and the partner nonprofits lacked — and ICF didn’t have the budget to hire a software developer.
ICF needed a better solution that could:
Create a better donor experience
Integrate with ICF’s accounting and marketing tools
Encourage donors to commit to monthly gifts
Empower ICF’s 150+ partner nonprofits to boost their own fundraising efforts
Reduce costs
The Solution
A better experience that makes life easier.
Within two weeks of meeting Lety, the Fundraise Up team delivered a solution that seemed to solve all of ICF’s problems. Fundraise Up’s solution included:
Integrating Fundraise Up with ICF’s accounting system, MailChimp, and other marketing tools
Using dual logos for ICF and each non-profit to clarify where donations were going
Training each nonprofit to use the system
An interface that encourages an average of 97% of ICF donors to cover credit card fees
When a migrant crisis erupted in Tijuana, Lety saw the perfect test case. Seamless integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay made donating a snap, and Lety could track which social media ads fueled donations.
The test case was a big success so the ICF team was eager to roll out the platform to the rest of their partner organizations. Fundraise Up helped all 150 nonprofits install the platform to their sites, running seven webinars and scheduling one-on-one meetings.
With Fundraise Up in place, ICF began taking advantage of the embedded artificial intelligence tools to raise their game. By integrating Fundraise Up’s AI with Google Analytics and Google Ad Grants, Lety can now pinpoint opportunities she would never have found otherwise.
Fundraise Up is solving so many issues. It’s very easy to use, very user friendly. You don’t have to be an IT expert to install it.
The Result
More donors, more revenue, more impact.
In just ten months since switching to Fundraise Up, the better donor experience has helped ICF:
Grow from
to over
monthly donors
Decrease credit card fees from
per million to just
per million by encouraging donors to cover the costs
Process only nine refunds across
donations, thanks to a clear interface
With incredible hands-on support from the Fundraise Up team, Lety and ICF are helping their partner nonprofits raise more money and make a bigger impact than ever before.
Now that everything is flowing, I’m saving at least 15 hours a week, easily. It’s huge.
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