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How Partners In Health used Fundraise Up to Modernize their Online Donation Experience and Supercharge Their Impact

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We were looking for a new donation platform and our colleagues suggested Fundraise Up. What intrigued us was the intelligent recurring donation upsells, seamless checkout experience, AI-suggested donation amounts, and the elements. It just became better and better. We really like the cutting edge experience.
Sandra Fasules
Director, Digital Engagement and Response Partners In Health
donor-covered fees
used AI-powered suggested donation amounts
increase in recurring donors
revenue generated from recurring donors
abandoned checkouts saved

The Client

Partners In Health is a social justice organization that responds to the moral imperative, providing high-quality health care globally to those who need it most. They strive to ease suffering by providing a comprehensive model of care that includes access to food, transportation, housing, and other key components of healing. They bring the benefits of modern medicine to those who have suffered from the overt and subtle injustices of the world, both past and present. They refuse to accept that any life is worth less than another.
Health Care
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The Challenge

Convert more recurring donors and modernize for growth irrespective of emergencies.
By the end of 2020, COVID-19 had thrust health care organizations into overdrive and as the pandemic continued to spread impoverished communities were particularly vulnerable. Partners In Health needed to expand their donor base through a modernized donation experience and better retain new donors who gave for the first time during acute moments of crisis. They were looking for a frictionless donation platform that was optimized for mobile, could integrate with various technologies including a new eCRM, and provide the flexibility needed to create and edit campaigns on the fly in response to various health care needs.

What We Provided

An intuitive, flexible donation platform that generates more recurring donors with intelligent upsells.
AI-powered suggested donation amounts and recurring donation upsells.
Mobile optimization.
Branded, dynamic CTA-elements that can be created and customized in minutes.
Partners In Health Needed a Better Solution That Could:
Quickly convert visitors to donors.
Create a frictionless, optimized experience for mobile.
Prioritize new recurring donors.
Provide flexibility for dynamic campaigns.
It should be as easy to donate as it is to checkout online. They shouldn’t be thought of as two different experiences. I wish the rest of the nonprofit world would think more that way…It became very obvious that Fundraise Up is a leader in innovative thinking.

The Solution

An online donation platform that uses e-commerce best practices to convert more one-time and recurring donors with fast implementation and flexible campaign management.
In September of 2020, Partners In Health reached out to Fundraise Up in preparation for a giving season where they sought to build on the momentum of the past year, leveraging the global attention their work had received.
The Fundraise Up team was able to get the Partners In Health teams up and running on the platform within days, all while connecting their existing technology stack to Fundraise Up and developing a new integration for their eCRM. The 2020 giving season was one of Partners In Health’s most effective because Fundraise Up provided first-time donors with a better giving experience, furthering the organization’s impact in a time of great need.
AI-powered donation platform that seamlessly converts more donors.
Customizable, flexible campaign creation.
Conversion-driving CTA-elements for increased engagement.
Mobile optimization.
Fast onboarding and continued support.
Once the holiday season came to a close, the Fundraise Up Success team continued to advise Partners In Health, ensuring they knew the platform inside and out. When a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in August of 2021, Partners In Health was able to respond and launch a campaign within minutes on both their main site and Haitian partner site.
With the latest emergency in Haiti, we saw a lot of people start their own peer to peer fundraisers, which we've had trouble getting people interested in. Having the Fundraise Up form as a pop-up on our site the day after the earthquake was extremely beneficial and I’ll certainly consider doing that during Giving Tuesday and the last days before the new year. We’re just so happy with the platform — I don’t have any complaints.

The Result

More annual revenue due to an increase in monthly donors, one-time donations, incentivization for donors to cover transaction fees, and a new native integration that could sync data to their eCRM in real-time.
Fundraise Up’s intelligent and intuitive donation experience helped Partners In Health better connect with new donors, while maintaining administrative flexibility so they could rapidly respond to the earthquake in Haiti. In August alone, they were able to raise nearly three million dollars in relief. This campaign saw 88% of donors cover the transaction fees, 62% of donors choose the AI-suggested donation amounts, and 34% of donors give from a mobile device generating 581 new recurring donors. The Haiti earthquake campaign was also particularly successful, with a 178% increase in P2P donations accounting for nearly 1% of the total campaign revenue.
Over the course of one year with Fundraise Up, Partners In Health saw incredible growth. Their goal to expand their recurring donor base was more than met with an incredible 50% increase in recurring plans, accounting for 35% of their annual revenue. Moreover, they continued to bring in more revenue with 85% of donors covering the transaction fees, 49% using the AI-suggested donation amounts, and 29% of abandoned donations saved and completed.
We saw an increase in donors covering the fees and an increase in monthly donors. As the AI adjusted to our specific donor base, average donation amounts increased. It was everything we wanted to see.
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