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How Fundraise Up Helped Rainforest Trust Gain More International Donors and Streamline Fundraising Operations

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I don’t know what we would do without Fundraise Up. They go out of their way to help us make the donor experience as efficient as possible. It’s completely seamless. By far the best customer service I have ever worked with.
Michelle Husko
Director of Donor Services, Rainforest Trust
increase in online giving revenue compared to the previous period
increase in donors giving in international currencies
existing donors switching to give in their home currency

The Client

Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement.
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The Challenge

Overcoming the limits
of a legacy donation platform
As Rainforest Trust’s Director of Donor Services, Michelle Husko continuously looks for ways to improve Rainforest Trust’s donor experience. But Michelle kept running into limitations and friction points, especially among Rainforest Trust’s growing international donor base.
With an expanding global audience, Michelle and her team were struggling to handle international giving and accept currencies other than USD.
Rainforest Trust needed a better solution that could:
Improve the online
donor experience
Accept multiple international currencies and payment methods
Encourage recurring donations
Streamline back office fundraising operations

The Solution

Michelle wasn’t actively looking for a new solution, but her entire team was impressed with Fundraise Up. An A/B test quickly proved the value, showing that donors in different countries could easily give using their home currency, whether Euros, Singapore Dollars, Krona, or any other currency.
We were absolutely blown away. The whole [Rainforest Trust] team was so amazed with all the functionality, and the look and feel is phenomenal. And it pops right up — you don’t have to wait for another page to load when you’re ready to donate. The little reminders that follow you around the website — they work. They convert.

The Result

Easier management, better experiences, and greater impact powered by a growing international donorbase
In the first quarter after switching to Fundraise Up, Rainforest Trust saw:
increase in online giving
increase in non-USD donations that now accounts for
of total revenue
increase in recurring donors per month
With the hands-on support from the Fundraise Up team, Michelle and Rainforest Trust are saving more acres of rainforest and protecting more animals.
It’s a dream customer service experience. Any time we have a question, they already have a solution. And they let us know personally when they have updates that will be useful for us as a client.
Download full Rainforest Trust Case Study
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