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How Fundraise Up Helped Stand Up To Cancer Save Time And Increase Processing Capacity For Their 2021 Telecast

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Having a tool set that could ease the burden on show staff as well as ensure donors will have the best possible experience was really important to us, and something we strive to improve on show to show.
increase in average donation amount
of one-time donors converted to recurring
less time training staff
decrease in call wait time
declined rate
donors covered transaction fees

The Client

Stand Up To Cancer® (SU2C) raises funds to accelerate the pace of research to get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. SU2C, a division of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established in 2008 by media and entertainment leaders who utilize these communities’ resources to engage the public in supporting a new, collaborative model of cancer research, to increase awareness about cancer prevention, and to highlight progress being made in the fight against the disease. As of September 2021, more than 2,000 scientists representing more than 210 institutions are involved in SU2C-funded research projects.
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The Challenge

The Stand Up to Cancer telecasts shook up the way fundraising was done. But with the technological advances of the last thirteen years, Stand Up to Cancer wanted to be sure their donation capabilities were optimized not just for their telephone operators but also for online donors.
Bearing in mind that the telecast brings in thousands upon thousands of viewers — and is only an hour long — they needed a donation platform that made it easy to train telecast staff and have the power to process a large number of payments at once with the smallest wait time.

What We Provided

A simple, optimized donation platform that could handle more payments at scale and save time.
Enterprise-grade technology with the ability to accommodate high volume spikes and catch payment errors in real time.
Faster phone donations with an intuitive Virtual Terminal, simplified checkout, and access to more payment options & currencies.
Simplified, streamlined software that made telecast staff training easy and fast.
Dedicated, thoughtful customer support during implementation.
Process a large number of donations quickly and in real-time
Accept multiple payment methods and currencies
Offer an easy, intuitive interface for telecast staff to navigate
Close to the telecast, we had a generous sponsor offer a match for our donors. This required us to quickly change the trajectory of what we were implementing. Fundraise Up’s ease of use allowed us to take advantage of this match where previously we would not have been able to change course in time.

The Solution

A powerful platform that could process a large number of transactions quickly from various audiences
When Stand Up to Cancer approached Fundraise Up, they quickly realized that the scale of their live event required a larger capacity for processing donations. So, they strategized a plan. The result was an industry-leading innovation that allowed Fundraise Up to process 300 donations per second, with an overflow capacity of 10,000 donations per minute, all in real time. That meant the moment donations exceeded 300 in one second, we were able to gradually stagger the processing requests without having to batch-process payments after the fact, risking payment errors that would not be corrected.
In addition, Stand Up to Cancer was able to fully take advantage of our Virtual Terminal which allowed for less training time and an intuitive way for telecast employees to avoid errors and process donations. Our Virtual Terminal takes the best practices of our online donation form and turns it into an easy, optimized way for nonprofit employees to process high volumes of in-person, over the phone, or mailed-in donations.
Fundraise Up’s solution gave Stand Up to Cancer:
A Virtual Terminal that significantly shortened the training process for telecast employees as well as working hours during the telecast itself.
A new industry standard in donation processing capabilities.
An easy, streamlined software that allows online donors and telecast employees the ability to complete a gift in just 30 seconds.
No fear of losing donations due to technical shortcomings with real-time donation processing that won’t break under pressure.
More ways to give, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Click to Pay.
The support of the Fundraise Up team was really essential to us. We would have questions, or something came up, and they would get back to us speedy-fast so we could deal with anything quickly. There was also an ease of flexibility in the setup that allowed us to adjust things rapidly and much closer to the event than we ever have been able to do before.

The Result

A higher average donation amount, shorter call times, and more recurring donors
Stand Up to Cancer’s telecast was unique in that their needs required not only enterprise-grade fundraising technology, but a software that worked with the demands of a live event. Fundraise Up’s streamlined, easy system made it possible for the staff to process more donations, accept donations from a wider range of digital wallets, catch more payment errors, and budget time efficiently.
Due to our real-time payment processing, we were able to keep the declined payment rate to a mere 0.97%. Out of the transactions that declined, the various reasons were (in order of most occurrences):
Card was declined.
Incorrect security code.
Insufficient funds.
Incorrect card number.
Card does not support this type of purchase.
Card expired.
Exceeded the maximum number of declines.
Processing error.
Notably, Stand Up to Cancer also found more time to dedicate to event planning by being able to shorten their telecast staff training from 3 months to 6 weeks. Over the course of the telecast, Stand Up to Cancer noted that call wait time — a notoriously difficult thing to shorten — decreased to just 44 seconds on average.
In addition, they were able to generate a significant increase in their average donation amount, retain 3% of new donors as recurring, with a whopping 94.2% of donors covering the transaction fees.
Stand Up To Cancer was particularly impressed with the effectiveness of Fundraise Up's Elements in regards to saved donations. Elements like Reminder and Social Proof saved hundreds of donations that otherwise would have gone abandoned.
Fundraise Up made donation processing intelligent enough to correctly identify fraud and catch errors in real time. The processing power and flexibility also made on-the-fly coordination possible during the telecast so that there was never a component that was down or processing slowly.
Download Full Stand Up to Cancer Case Study
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