How to use designations to categorize donations

In Fundraise Up, designations can be used to categorize donations. Typically, this categorization is used to differentiate unrestricted giving from restricted giving.

Implementing designations is not required to accept donations using Fundraise Up, but their use can provide supporters with greater clarity about how their donation will be used and improve your organization’s ability to track and report on the areas your supporters are giving to.

This guide specifically describes how designations are created and managed. There are also settings for designations in each campaign.

Creating designations

You can view and manage designations from the Designations page in the Dashboard.

When you create a new Designation, you include a name for the Designation, which is required, and a designation code. This code is not required but can be helpful for reconciling donations in your accounting software. The code is an available property in Exports and in integration mappings.

Table view

The Designations table view displays the Designations that you have created. Each row contains the ID, name, and code of the designation. If the Subaccounts feature is enabled, the table will also display a column with the name of the account that created the designation.

Each row also includes a three-dot vertical menu with options to manage the designation.

Any subaccount created below the primary account can view and use Designations created by the primary account. Designations created by a subaccount are only visible to and useable by that account.

Designations across accounts

Parent accounts can create designations in their main settings that will also be available to subaccounts. Designations belonging to a specific subaccount will be available only for campaigns in that subaccount.

Using Designations in the platform


Designations can be added to any Campaign. In the settings for the Campaign, you can also define conditions for which designations should be used based on the selected donation frequency. Learn more →


Every Elements component is associated with a Campaign. If Designations have been enabled for a selected Campaign, you can then define the default designation for the Element and in some cases, whether a supporter can change the designation. Learn more →


All Designation properties are available in Exports, and by default, those properties are included in Exports template file columns. Using Exports, you can create and customize CSV files that you can then import to other apps. Learn more →


Most integrations in Fundraise Up enable you to map and sync values from the Designation object to a connected app. There are three object properties that can be mapped:

  • Designation ID
  • Designation code
  • Designation name

The Designation ID is a unique value automatically generated by the platform for every Designation that you create. These IDs are visible in the table view on the Designations page.


If you have enabled Localization features for your account, adding a new Designation will allow you to select the default language that the Designation name should be shown in. You can also provide translations of the name in the Localization tab of the Add new designation modal. Learn more →

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