Virtual Terminal

Get to know the settings for Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is a feature built into the Fundraise Up Dashboard that enables you to process donations directly from your account. Its settings are managed from the Dashboard: Settings > Virtual Terminal, and are described below.


  • Show campaigns: This setting controls which campaigns can be selected for processing donations in Virtual Terminal. This functionality is useful when you want to configure a Virtual Terminal-specific campaign, or prevent some campaigns from receiving donations using Virtual Terminal.
  • Default campaign: Use this setting to configure the default campaign that will be selected when Virtual Terminal is launched. This option is useful for streamlining the Virtual Terminal checkout process and reducing the chance of associating a donation with an incorrect campaign.
  • Make donor's email required: This checkbox makes the donor's email address a mandatory field when a donation is being processed in the Virtual Terminal, ensuring that receipts can be sent to the donor later.
  • Allow direct debit from bank accounts in Virtual Terminal: Enabling this option enables Virtual Terminal users to process donations using ACH Direct Debit details provided by supporters.
  • Make CVC optional for credit card donations: Enabling this option allows Virtual Terminal users to process card payment methods when the CVC/CVV is not known.
  • Show additional notes during Virtual Terminal checkout: When enabled, you can add text in the notes editor that will be displayed in Virtual Terminal. This feature is useful for displaying instructions or call scripts to Virtual Terminal users.
  • Allow users to process new donations using saved payment methods and supporter information: When this option is enabled, users can autofill supporter information in Virtual Terminal and use a supporter’s saved payment methods to process new donations.
    • Enable for users with the Virtual Terminal Specialist role: By default, the Virtual Terminal Specialist role does not have permissions to use the supporter lookup, autofill, and saved payment method features. You can enable this setting to provide Virtual Terminal Specialist users with access to the features.

Enable/Disable Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal is not enabled by default. To enable Virtual Terminal, you must acknowledge that enabling it will extend the scope of your organization’s PCI compliance.

Once Virtual Terminal is enabled, it can be disabled at any time for the Virtual Terminal settings page.

Using Virtual Terminal

To learn how to use Virtual Terminal and to explore more of its features, view our Virtual Terminal Guide.


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