How to enable PayPal, a highly-popular wallet-based payment method

PayPal is a wallet-based payment method that has high adoption around the world. Roughly 50% of purchases made every year are processed using PayPal. In the nonprofit space, PayPal can account for 20% or more of your online donations when it is available as a payment method. Adding PayPal also increases conversion by nearly 7 percent.

Available for donors in 200 countries (view all compatible countries)
Accepted currencies 25 (view supported currencies)
Minimum donation amount $1
Recurring giving Yes (additional setup required)
Works with Checkout modal, Campaign Page, Donor Portal, Virtual Terminal (as a saved payment method)

Enable PayPal

Below are the steps required to connect PayPal to Fundraise Up and activate it for recurring giving.


  • You must connect a PayPal Business account to Fundraise Up. Personal PayPal accounts cannot be used
  • A PayPal user with all account level permissions should connect your PayPal Business account to Fundraise Up

Enable PayPal as a payment processor

In Fundraise Up, PayPal is both a payment processor and a payment method. To implement PayPal, begin by connecting it as a payment processor.

Once PayPal has been connected as a payment processor, the Pay with PayPal payment method will be active for your account. You can review its settings by selecting it from the list of payment options.

Activate recurring giving

PayPal cannot be used for recurring giving unless Reference Transactions has been enabled for your PayPal Business account. Fundraise Up can help you enable Reference Transactions and activate PayPal for recurring giving.

International currencies

By default, PayPal will create separate balances for donations received in currencies other than your account’s default currency. If you often receive donations in other currencies, we recommend configuring your PayPal account to automatically handle these types of donations.

PayPal nonprofit discount

Eligible nonprofits qualify for PayPal’s charity status and can receive a discounted processing rate of 1.99% + $0.49 per donation. Learn more →

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