Frequently asked questions

Common questions about migrating recurring plans to Fundraise Up

  1. How much does a migration to Fundraise Up cost? Fundraise Up provide the migration service for free. Your current donation platform vendor may charge a fee to transfer payment tokens from their system to Stripe.
  2. How long does a migration take? In most cases, a migration is completed within a few business days. This timeline is possible when your existing platform vendor is willing to transfer your payment tokens to Stripe and completes the operation in a timely manner.
  3. Are donors impacted by the migration? No. The transition from your existing platform to Fundraise Up is seamless and there is no action that donors need to take.
  4. What emails will recurring donors receive through Fundraise Up By default, there are types of emails that recurring donors will receive after they have been migrated to Fundraise Up:
    • Installment receipt: this is the email that is sent when a recurring plan is successfully charged. It includes a PDF receipt and a link to the transaction in Donor Portal.
    • Installment failed: this email is sent when a recurring plan cannot be successfully charged. The email includes a link to update the payment details used for the recurring plan.

    Donors whose recurring plans are migrated to Fundraise Up will not receive a confirmation-type email when the migration is complete. This ensures that the transition to Fundraise Up is seamless.

  5. When do migrated recurring donors get access to Donor Portal When the migration is complete.
  6. Should our organization notify donors about the migration? Fundraise Up does not recommend doing this as it could result in confusion and may lead to some donors cancelling their plans.
  7. Will any recurring plans installments get skipped during the migration? No. Fundraise Up processes any installments that became due during the migration period when the migration is complete.

    In some cases, a migration may reveal some recurring plans that have issues with their payment methods. Fundraise Up provides a report of any failed charges and the decline code provided by Stripe.

  8. What currencies can be migrated? Fundraise Up can migrate any currency supported by Stripe.
  9. What installment intervals are supported? Fundraise Up can migrate recurring plans that are billed on the following intervals:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
    • Monthly
    • Bimonthly
    • Quarterly
    • Semiannually
    • Annually
  10. Are there any types of payment methods that can’t be migrated Yes. Recurring plans that use the following payment methods can’t be migrated to Fundraise Up:
  11. Can Fundraise Up migration recurring plans that use BECS Direct Debit as the payment method? Yes. As a prerequisite to migrating recurring plans that use BECS Direct Debit, your organization must first notify impacted donors of the platform change 14 days prior to the first installment charge made using Fundraise Up. The notice must mention that the donor’s Direct Debit Request (DDR) and Direct Debit Request Service Agreement (DDRSA) will be updated. The notice must also include a link to Stripe’s BECS Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.
  12. Can Fundraise Up migrate recurring plans that use PayPal as the payment method? Possibly. Recurring plans (subscriptions) are created in PayPal using one of methods:
    • With a billing agreement: if a subscription was created in PayPal using a billing agreement, Fundraise Up can migrate the recurring plan.
    • Without a billing agreement: if a subscription was created in PayPal without a billing agreement, it is not possible to migrate it to Fundraise Up.

    If you are not sure whether your organization’s recurring plans were created using a billing agreement, submit a migration request and a Solutions Engineer will review migration options with you.

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